Monday, June 06, 2005


Washington Journal, on the morning of Monday, June 6, 2005, had as their guest Robert Klein, a leader in the drive to fund and promote embryo stem cell harvesting and experimentation in California. It was a disturbing episode on several levels, mostly because of false assertions from Mister Klein and several supporting callers.

There is fundamental mischaracterization, a big lie, at the foundation of Mister Klein’s assertions regarding the efficacy of killing embryos for their stem cell body parts, and that foundational lie deceives many in the public because of their lack of factual data regarding the nature of embryo-aged human beings … alive human beings whether in a petri dish or a woman’s body. Let’s examine that fundamental mischaracterization, quickly, before it carries the argument and America embraces cannibalism of very young humans … the lie will be pivotal in gaining public support for ‘therapeutic cloning’ in the on-the-horizon near future.

Mister Klein repeatedly characterized alive, fourteen-day old embryos (blastocysts) as undifferentiated cell masses. That is a dissembling lie formulated from a predetermined assumption that is false. It is a scientific fact that the embryo builds both the placenta and the body of other organs for survival in the air world. At fourteen days from conception, an inner cell mass that is building the stem cell mass to become a body of lungs, heart, limbs, and brain has already been differentiated from the cell mass building the first organ for survival, the placenta and amniotic sac.

Characterized as ‘merely a blastocyst’ at this age in a lifetime already begun at conception, the guest and several supporting callers dehumanized this early human age by falsely asserting that the blastocyst is a mass of undifferentiated cells, thus ‘it’ is fair game for killing and harvesting. Yet it is the differentiated inner cell mass which is the target of the cannibalization! If the embryo-aged human life was actually undifferentiated, the ‘harvesters’ would have to wait until the inner and outer cell masses were differentiating: to avoid taking placental cells for embryonic stem cell experiments. Experiments in China using embryo stem cells tragically injected at least one placental stem cell made by the embryo cannibalized for a treatment and the result was death to a Parkinson’s patient due to unnatural cell growth in the patient’s brain!

The lie, that an early embryo at blastocyst age is as yet merely undifferentiated cell mass, is touted and succeeds as argument because most folks are not aware that even at the blastocyst age, the embryonic human life has begun differentiating the cells for survival, already assigning some cells to grow the placenta and others to become the body of organs for survival outside the woman’s body. Additionally, the blastocyst has already differentiated an inner and outer cell mass because to implant the embryo must have a distinct organ under construction which will accomplish the ‘attachment process’ without disturbing the inner cell mass tasked with building the body of organs for later survival outside the water world of the uterus (or artificial uterus, as in Japanese research which already has kept a goat fetus alive for fourteen weeks in an artificial womb).

Harvesting, killing and exploiting the stem cell body parts of embryo-aged human life is cannibalism as surely as if the embryos were served on melba toast at tea time. To sell this cannibalism to the unaware public, the cannibals use lies and exploit public ignorance.

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