Sunday, October 26, 2003

Musings From My Quiet Porch

On Saturday, October 25, 2003, I sat in a recliner and watched a very long but exciting televised football game, Alabama versus Tennessee. As I watched from the chair, was my quality of life good or diminished? After all, the images and sounds were fully artificial stimulation to my brain. ... Since no one has yet proven Terri is not still 'in there', to my thinking, if she spent her remaining years in a recliner, watching what she preferred on the tele, her quality of life would at least be her choice determined by which channels she wanted to watch, not something defined by others with stock in getting rid of the 'non-productive'.

Quality of life is a penumbra--to borrow the fiating court's favorite term when engineering society as opposed to interpreting constitutionality. It is raised to defend killing alive prenatal children ... it's the quality of life of the one hiring the serial killer that is at the heart of most of those 'choices', though the ghouls defending the indefensible will prattle on about child abuse and neglect, as if possible future abuse or neglect is more heinous than the extreme abuse with malice aforethought being actively planned and methodically carried out in abortuaries; society must protect its quality of life, by executing those children who will require our collective care to prevent the abuse and neglect! In Terri's case, it is Michael Schiavo's 'quality of life' that drives the mission to execute Terri. To be sure, ghouls like Felos will assert that Terri's quality of life is so low as to be extinguishable as a humane thing toward her. But the truth is not so easily hidden when one looks even casually at the features-advantages-benefits of executing those dependent on life support.

Mark this well: if this trend of ghoulish executions via dehydration become accpetable in America, crib-bound infants will be the next class of alive human beings lined up for 'putting down'. It is already accpetable to cite a cleft palate as the approved reason to reach into the womb and kill an alive baby. The slope leads directly to the life supporter having the court approved right to withhold life support when the child is difficult to care for thus improving the quality of life for those giving life support, though it will be couched as freeing the little one from a life of difficulty, possible pain, and mental suffering.

Particularly 'assinine' are the assertions by some that Terri Schiavo is brain dead, and that because she is in such misery still 'trapped in her body', it would be more humane to put her down and release her. Astonishing, that deadly duplicitous thinking ... if she's brain dead, she hasn't the consciousness to be in misery, so it is the projection of the braying ass that is better characterized as 'misery'. But what if she isn't brain dead?... Well, no one has tried to give her sufficient rehabilitation therapy to then ask her what she wants done with her! This entire horror is one perpetrated in the name of humanity, by demonspawn who have their selfish quality of life at issue, not the lives of those they advocate putting down.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Taking Back Our Societal Taboo Structure

For the past two weeks, America and perhaps the world witnessed the lastest publicized struggle over euthanasia, witnessed the real juxtaposition of life and the new-aged enlightenemnet of 'putting down' the disabled and infirm, putting them down and out of our consciousness.

Euthanasia requires a new paradigm, a process upon which to build. Terri Schindler Schiavo was being 'put down', being slowly executed at the command of her guardian husband, a husband who has been defrauding his ward for more than seven years, with the full complicity and continuous assistance of Florida judge, George Greer.

The process is called 'dehumanization' because for the quality of life perspective to trump the traditional sanctity of life perspective, requires the object to be put down be perceived less than a human being. Michael Schiavo, under the apt leadership of George Felos, dehumanized Terri to the point that he imagined himself doing her a favor by 'releasing her body' because he decided her soul was no longer there. But Michael was and is wrong! And his guru is a merchant of death, a ghoul empowered by putting down the infirm, the disabled, a shylock of dehumanization founded on the new societal engineering axiom of quality of life cancelling sanctity of life.

We should make no mistake here by granting Michael Schiavo exoneration from his culpability, for Michael Schiavo found in attorney George Felos precisely what he was looking for ... the rationale, the 'new enlightenment' for getting rid of the woman he had come to perceive standing in the way of his soaring to new life with wealth and influence, his new quality of life awaiting. George Felos and the Hemlock Society offered to Michael the excuse that Terri's quality of life was so degraded (truth be told, by the abuse of her husband and guardian via the neglect of her rehabilitation to be paid for from proceeds of a malpractice medical lawsuit) that she was no longer worthy of life support, so they undertook her starvation/dehydration killing.

Michael Schiavo's personality may be found well described in the pages of M. Scott Peck's book, People Of The Lie. Michael oppressed Terri's soul, sucking life from her spirit in her vulnerable state. His influence was as much a drug to slowly kill her will as any narcotic in existence. And he may have succeed, judging by the deterioration in her cognitive skills once she had begun to say limited words and express herself. But it took him years to accomplish the degredation, years of isolating her from meaningful stimulation and required but denied rehabilitation therapy.

Perhaps October 21, 2003 will be remembered as the day our nation began the long climb back up the slope where a judicial oligarchy writes the taboo structure of our nation. Perhaps we will once again have our elected representatives, the legislatures, writing the laws by which we shall promote life. It is interesting that the United States Congressional Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the legislative rescue of Terri Schiavo both occurred on the same Fall day in America. Let's build on the momentum.

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