Monday, September 29, 2003

America is assumed to be more enlightened than three plus decades ago. Is it? I can remember when Americans were outraged by TV coverage of newborn seal pup fur harvesting.

Can you imagine?… Men clubbed newborns in the head and skinned the pitiful things, alive or dead, while the mothers looked on, then left the bloody carcass at the mother's wailing side and moved to the next one! In the harvester's wake were thousands of bloody dead or dying seal pups next to their mothers! Can you imagine such inhumane behavior?

Can you imagine, decades later enlightened society now condones and promotes as a woman's right to choose the procedure known as partial birth abortion? Tell me how it is less inhuman to jerk a fully alive 16 week or older prenatal infant feet-first from its mother's body, except the head, which remains lodged inside, then jam blunt-tipped scissors into the struggling infant's soft skull and suck out its brains so the remains pop out of the woman's body into the waiting hands of the abortionist serial killer. [Brain-body connections start working quite efficiently by week 16 from conception, regarding pain sensing!] Is it less inhuman to profit then from the baby's remains, by sending all or part of the *harvested* prenatal infant off to research departments?

The only difference now from then is that the behavior murders human babies and harvests the remains, instead of seal babies. Can you imagine? Right here in America, more than 15,000 times a year, this inhuman behavior and worse occurs. Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Patty Murray, Tom Harkin, NOW, NARAL, and the DNC call it a woman's right to choose such a slaughter in the lying name of 'reproductive health', and they're proud to promote it in order to get votes! Can you imagine? The babies being serial slaughtered in such a way are not defective, not a danger to the mother's life, merely unwanted except for their useful body parts. If that's the enlightenment of the modern political powerbrokers, we ought to 'abort' the powerbrokers not the struggling children!

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Musings From My Quiet Porch

Several years ago, while discussing abortion and contraception at FreeRepublic.com, Internet news site, I raised the issue of life struggling to survive and I applied the notion to the embryo in a human uterus seeking to implant in the uterine lining in order to continue the living process and gestation. A sharp-witted defender of abortion as a woman’s right countered with ‘the struggle to survive is a conscious effort, so an embryo wouldn’t fit the definition.’ The discussion went in another direction, and I never got the chance to address that assertion, that ‘I defend the right to terminate nascent life, so anything you offer will be dismissed regardless of the merits’ attitude.

Sitting here with my Sunday Morning coffee, with the rest of the household still asleep, I am drawn to address that very incomplete assertion that survival is a conscious effort. Of course, at some level with conscious organisms it is a conscious effort. But more fundamentally, LIFE is programmed to try and survive, designed to try and continue alive once it is alive. Sound redundant? It is; the organismal effort to survive is redundant, but is it wholly conscious? [While reading that last paragraph, how many times did you breathe? How many breaths did you take, as a conscious organism consciously doing the muscular actions, instructing your diaphragm to stretch, your ribcage to expand, and your lungs to take in air? I would bet the answer is: not once did you consciously breathe, yet unless you breathe you will not survive. And there are a host of functional interactions with your environment that you must handle in order to continue being alive, yet you do not have to manage these, consciously.]

If I could show how the embryo in the human uterus is struggling to survive, would that truth change some hearts, to convince them that even the embryo is worthy of protection for it is alive as a unique organism, a unique individual human being, not merely a glob of mindless cells, not a subset organ or tissue of a larger organism, the woman? Perhaps we will convince just one reader today; it would be worth the effort if just one undecided mind accepts the truth, so here goes a line of reasoning. [Incidentally, how many times have the defenders of abortion on demand asserted that the fetus is a parasite, a piece of the woman’s body so she has the right to terminate it? … How often does someone point out to these persons that a parasite is a unique, second organism, thus even a parasite is not part of a woman’s body, it is a separate organism living off of the body of another. Yet the ardent defenders of abortion on demand use that argument to support their specious assertion of the non-individual status of the fetus! It is amazing how many false assertions slip by when an emotional topic is being discussed.]

In a recent article for First Things, Maureen L. Condic, PhD, Assistant professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah, stated that, “… the loss of integrated bodily function, not the loss of higher mental ability, is the defining legal characteristic of death.” So, if a human organism continues to function as an integrated whole, even if not capable of higher brain function, that organism can be rightly defined as surviving in its own right. Put the other way around, when an organism (not an organ or a subset glob of tissue, but the organism) ceases to function as an integrated whole, that organism is dead. To be sure, the organism may yet have organs or cells that continue to function, continue to be alive, but when integrated functioning stops, the ORGANISM is dead.

So, what of our earlier notation regarding breathing? … Well, some organisms do not breathe in air and expel carbon dioxide; some organisms absorb the life-sustaining gases through their skin, others filter the gasses out of water using membranes such as gills. There is an age during your individual lifetime when you absorbed life-sustaining gases through a membrane organ, your placenta; as an embryo you absorb gases in your mother’s blood being carried along by red blood cells she has produced. In fact, even as you read this paragraph, your lung tissue is absorbing air through membranes deep inside your lungs! The automatic effort of pulling in air and exhaling waste gases is nothing more than a specialization process whereby your surface area (inner folded surface, but surface area never-the-less) is exposed to gases your organism needs for survival.

Most readers do not realize that the placenta they depended upon during the earliest age of their individual lifetime was a specialized organ they actually built for their own survival process, an organ that functioned to ‘breathe’ for them, to take in nourishment for them, and functioned to protect them just as their skin currently does.

That placenta you built for your survival (your mother didn’t build it, you did) was your first organ, and made of you a functioning integrated whole organism with your inner cell mass. The important question becomes, ‘when did you have or begin to form a placenta functioning to aid your survival, at what stage/age in your lifetime did you have this survival organ?’ Well, at your unique conception, two sex cells united to form a single cell –that may have occurred in your mother’s body or even in a petri dish, since in vitro fertilization has been successfully carried out since the nineteen-seventies. That first cell of you divided within an hour to make two cells, then within one more hour one of those two cells divided to make three cells, and the effort to build the placental survival capsule was begun!

Speaking of in vitro fertilization, did you realize that the in vitro technicians observing the embryos conceived in petri dishes are watching to see which embryonic individual lives have completed the ‘encapsulation’ process of building the placental barrier that will protect that individual life for implantation and sustenance? The embryos who have not completed their survival capsule will not be chosen for implantation when the time comes, for the woman’s body will successfully reject those not protecting themselves!

The human embryo functions as an integrated whole organism, with a survival organ functioning as the capsule while the structures to be used later upon exiting the water world for the air world are built. Being Sunday, I’ll offer this additional aside: it always amazes me that we cast off our first organ for survival—our placenta—when we exit the womb to live in the air world; isn’t that analogous to our casting off the body when we enter the spirit world of eternity?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Pre Roe v Wade federal ruling recognizing the personhood of the unborn

The following was posted by my friend Kevin (cpforlife.org) as a reminder during a recent abortion discussion at FreeRepublic.com. Pro-life people need to become aware of this very importent yet ignored ruling.

The "personhood" case is the legal factor that is the heart of the matter as to why this nation has had a 30 year holocaust of people waiting to be born.

Constitutional Persons:An Exchange on Abortion

The common law basis of our system embodied in the principle of stare decisis and the just requirements of consistency in applying the law demand a respect for precedent. To this objection I offer two replies. First, there was a federal court precedent for the unborn person reading of Fourteenth Amendment before Roe v. Wade, though this fact was virtually ignored by Justice Harry Blackmun and the Roe Court. In Steinberg v. Brown (1970) a three-judge federal district court upheld an anti-abortion statute, stating that privacy rights "must inevitably fall in conflict with express provisions of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments that no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law." After relating the biological facts of fetal development, the court stated that "those decisions which strike down state abortion statutes by equating contraception and abortion pay no attention to the facts of biology." "Once new life has commenced," the court wrote, "the constitutional protections found in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments impose upon the state the duty of safeguarding it." Yet in commenting on the unborn person argument in Roe, Justice Blackmun wrote that "the appellee conceded on reargument that no case could be cited that holds that a fetus is a person within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment." He did so despite the fact that he had cited the case just five paragraphs earlier! The failure of both appellees and the Court to treat this case is both unfortunate and inexplicable. Second, while our system is based upon a reasonable and healthy respect for precedent, this has never prevented the Court from revisiting and modifying precedent when the erroneous foundation and unjust results of that precedent become manifest. Such is the case with respect to abortion and the Fourteenth Amendment.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Response to Bill O'Reilly: The Unborn Child is Human
by Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D.

Seems conservative stalwart Bill O'Reilly is either frightfully confused, or fudging his facts. Last Friday evening [this happened in 2001; O’Reilly has since tried to avoid these ‘life’ issues since he is so inept with them], O'Reilly graciously read to his TV audience some letters received by him from some of his viewers.

One such viewer, Amy Nicholls, from Mansfield, Louisiana, quipped: "Mr. O'Reilly, I am extremely disappointed that you referred to the fetus as 'a potential human being.' They are in fact already human." To which O'Reilly responded with a straight face: "Ms. Nicholls, I respect your BELIEF, but that is not how the SUPREME COURT does it, and I have to deal with the law here. The abortion discussion will never be
advanced until people find common ground. I used the term 'potential human being' BECAUSE THAT IS INDISPUTABLE. I hope you understand what I'm trying to do here."

Well, now, it is a bit difficult to honestly understand just what Mr. O'Reilly IS trying to do here. Really confusing, but not to fear, Ms. Nicholls. Despite the best efforts of such conservative stalwarts as Bill O'Reilly, you are not going nuts, and the "expert" advice given freely here by Mr. O'Reilly to you and to his TV audience is indisputable, to put it mildly. Indeed it is not a "belief" but an objective scientific fact that the preborn human fetus IS ALREADY A HUMAN BEING, and has been so since fertilization in his mother's fallopian tubes (or, with IF, since fertilization in the petri dish). Quoting from several human embryology textbooks, agreed to by a 100% consensus of human embryologists internationally:

"BRUCE M. CARLSON, Human Embryology and Developmental Biology (St. Louis, MO: Mosby, 1994): "Human pregnancy begins with the fusion of an egg and a sperm." (p.3); " ... finally, the fertilized egg, now properly called an embryo, must make its way into the uterus ...." (p. 3).

KEITH MOORE AND T.V.N. PERSAUD, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology (6th ed. only) (Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company, 1998): "Human development is a continuous process that begins when an oocyte (ovum) from a female is fertilized by a sperm (or spermatozoon) from a male. (p. 2); ibid.: ... but the embryo begins to develop as soon as the oocyte is fertilized. (p. 2); ibid.: Zygote: this cell results from the union of an oocyte and a sperm. A zygote is the beginning of a new human being (i.e., an embryo). (p. 2); ibid.: Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete or sperm ... unites with a female gamete or oocyte ... to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual." (p. 18).

WILLIAM J. LARSEN, Human Embryology (New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1997): "In this text, we begin our description of the developing human with the formation and differentiation of the male and female sex cells or gametes, which will unite at fertilization to initiate the embryonic development of a new individual. ... Fertilization takes place in the oviduct ... resulting in the formation of a zygote containing a single diploid nucleus. Embryonic development is considered to begin at this point. (p. 1); ibid.: This moment of zygote formation may be taken as the beginning or zero time point of embryonic development." (p. 17); RONAN O'RAHILLY AND FABIOLA MULLER, Human Embryology & Teratology (New York: Wiley-Liss, 1994): "Fertilization is an important landmark because, under ordinary circumstances, a new, genetically distinct human organism is thereby formed. (p. 5); ibid.: Fertilization is the procession of events that begins when a spermatozoon makes contact with a secondary oocyte or its investments ... (p. 19); ibid.: The zygote ... is a unicellular embryo." (p. 19); ibid: "The ill-defined and inaccurate term pre-embryo, which includes the embryonic disc, is said either to end with the appearance of the primitive streak or ... to include neurulation. The term is not used in this book." (p. 55)."

How really quaint for O'Reilly to depend for his belief on the Supreme Court's "human embryology" in this matter. After all, it is JUST a question of LAW, isn't it??? If the Supreme Court says the fetus is "just a potential human being", then it IS just a 'potential human being', right? End of discussion. And if the Supreme Court said that water boils at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, well, then, that IS when water boils, right? And if by "common ground" O'Reilly means that we must all BELIEVE that water boils at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, then by golly, LET'S DO IT! All together now -- one, two, three: "We all believe that water boils at 5 degrees Fahrenheit!" Phew. I feel much better now already. At least we are all on the same page -- "common ground", you know. In the Supreme Court and Bill O'Reilly we trust. Right?

Those involved in the abortion "discussion" will never find "common ground" as long as the objective scientific facts of human embryology are ignored, fudged or deconstructed for dubious ends.

I might add that both I and Dr. C. Ward Kischer (who has been teaching human embryology for over 30 years now) have been trying to contact Bill O'Reilly for months now so that we could "discuss" this "common ground" with him. There are quite a number of similar "fudgings" O'Reilly has stated on his programs in discussing human embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, etc. He has returned all e-mails, phone calls, letters, and various other efforts to "find a common ground" with reality or discuss his fudgings. He refuses to be contacted. Well, at least he can just go to his local public library and find out the indisputable scientific facts in a good human embryology textbook. I recommend it.

[What Mister 'no spin' actually did was spin the word human into his sentences, where he actually should have used’ person', because it is the Constitution thathas been misconstrued in order to cite 'personship' as legal status, whereas it is a culture which defines the humanity of the individual human being. Sadly, America has slipped into an abyss, tumbling into the selective dehumanization of various classes of individual human beings, because their body parts are to be used for medical marvels to treat others (killing the 'donor' organism) or a particular class of alive sentient human beings are deemed inconvenient. O’Reilly cannot deal with such issues because he cannot grasp the difference between a person, as defined by laws specifying issues, and a human being with the rights to LIFE because Creator has given it to that individual and the individual is innocent of wronging society. O'Reilly is currently manipulating (can you say 'spinning'?) the Terri Schiavo case with his typical ham-handed ineptness, actually aiding in the dehumanization because of his very limited knowledge. So, what else is new?]

Friday, September 19, 2003

Letter to the Editor
The Wall Street Journal

Confusion regarding stem cells, and specifically embryonic stem cells, revolves around understanding earliest individual human life.

The cells you’re born with aren’t the exact same tissues you have at thirty. Using sound reasoning, the development of a human body is a continuum that reaches from conception to natural death--hopefully eighty years or more after conception.

All tissue in the human body is composed of or built by cells; all of an individual human being’s cells are derived from the first diploid cell formed at conception. We are each first a human being in our body at the moment of chromosomal union and expression, a union that generates our first diploid cell of bodily existence (under normal conditions, each cell has 46 chromosomes; 23 from male and 23 from female).

There is no point after conception when 'pre-human' somehow magically transforms into human being, for we ARE a human being from conception onward, destined hopefully to develop through a long continuum of changes and growth.

Life for every individual human begins at the time of conception; bodily existence is a continuum of developmental changes from that moment onward, until death. Even the early embryo exhibits a will to live by seeking life support from the woman’s body.

Stem cells derived by killing embryos conceived for in vitro fertilization have been in the news lately. The National Institute of Health (NIH) will require an informed consent form from the parent(s) of the embryos killed prior to the president’s speech. Harvesting the organs of a deceased individual human being usually requires a consent form.

I’m thankful the president didn’t allow federal dollars to be spent for new killing of individual human beings in their embryonic stage of life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Here's the Prologue to my Tree Of Life novel ... read this slowly, aloud, with the voice of Omar Sahrif in your head.

The Tree of Life©

[The following story is fiction, the characters are a fiction; any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.]

Have you ever wondered what treasures the human family may have held and lost, what truths have faded as technology has advanced?


There is a Kurdish legend dated to the times of Nebuchadnezzar that features a petrified garden, an Eden garden, hidden among hillocks rising from the plains of Al Shamiya, west of the Euphrates River. This oft-told tribal tale speaks of a pool and miraculous fruit that saved the life of the king as he wandered in madness, lost on the plains. The Kurdish story describes a ring of fire surrounding the garden, so that no one entered or escaped except by the sword of an Angel.

In the epoch before recorded history, around campfires beyond numbering, tales of an Eden Garden inspired adults and awed children still cradled in their mother’s arms. But was there ever such a place, hiding the Tree of Life? Astonishingly similar accounts have survived from many cultures, enduring as legends for our collecting.

Another tale hinting of Eden and its Tree of Life is dated to the Persian Empires that followed Nebuchadnezzar's reign. Told even unto this day in Bedouin camps, this legend features an extremely old Semitic man found by a nomadic tribe crossing the Al Shamiya wasteland. Driven insane by the summer heat, he rasped wildly in an unknown language. As his kidneys failed and he lay dying, with crude pictures scratch upon goat skins he conveyed a long imprisonment in a petrified garden surrounded by two circles of stony hills. Along the inward slope of the outer ring he drew flames, as if to guard the place. The tale as told by Bedouins attributes the man’s extreme age to fruit from a miraculous tree hidden in a petrified oasis. Historians claim that the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great, heard this legend and searched in vain for the Oasis of Life, following his defeat of the Persian emperor, Darius III.

Perhaps ancient written records are better than oral traditions. Some of the earliest written scholarship on Eden comes to us from Ashurbanipal, last great king of Assyria, who built a library in his capital city of Ninevah. Room after room was filled with clay tablets, recording in cuneiform writing the collected knowledge from a vast realm. In the year 612 BC, armies of the Medes and Babylonians defeat the Assyrian Empire and destroyed the capital city. Ashurbanipal's treasure of wisdom lay buried and forgotten for thousands of years, until modern Archaeologists excavating at Ninevah discovered the shattered library. Carefully piecing the tablets together, they discovered legends already ancient in Ashurbanipal's time … Sumerian tales of legendary hero, Gilgamesh, that tell of a secret garden where a tree bore fruit which could give one the life-span of a god.

Sumerian legends may have been source for the biblical story of Eden, and a tree whose fruit would allow Adam and Eve to live forever. Perhaps, but unlike the Sumerian tale, the Genesis account also describes a flaming sword and cherubim guarding the way to the Tree of Life, after the first couple was driven from the garden. Should we not pause to ask why the heavenly guard? Would the tree not die?

A more recent legend is whispered at great risk in the tumultuous world of the Middle East. More perilous to be told than Kurdish or Bedouin tales, this legend claims Mohammed languished for nearly a year in the Al Shamiya Wasteland. Near death and far from his home, an Angel led him through a wall of fire surrounding petrified garden with pool. Once inside, he was imprisoned by the flames but sustained by water from the pool and food from the only growing thing in the maddening refuge. At last, commanded to walk back through the fire, Mohammed of the Hashim returned to his home and became the founder of Islam.

There is a most recent story of the garden and its tree, a tale dating back less than two hundred years. To take full measure of a legend in the making, we shall follow a twisted trail enjoined by an unlikely adventurer. Being mindful of curses and blessings, mindful of heavenly guards, let us follow scarce clues in search of this secret garden with its so mystical tree.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Excerpts from Turnabout, a novel [If anyone is actually reading these meanderings I'm posting to this thing called a blog page]

Jason’s life in East Tennessee was comfortable, but his compulsion for orderliness made life somewhat lonely. He taught Physics at a nearby university and lived by himself following a recent divorce. His basement served as a gunsmith’s shop. Most men Jason's age at the university enjoyed golf, cycling, or tennis, but he was not like most men in academia. He was an elite atheistic snob, who believed that God was a construct of the human intellect. Jason’s good looks and confident demeanor coupled with his willingness to openly debate religious issues made him a media darling the television networks loved. His appearances meant controversy, thus spikes in viewer ratings.

The print media loved Professor Lot because he could be counted on to regularly produce a tightly constructed essay denigrating faith-based beliefs, essays which resulted in many letters to the editor and ongoing debates, spiking sales.

Most of Jason’s fellow professors tolerated his gun hobby. However, the god-bashing, with heated responses by faith-based opponents purposely chaffed by Lot, they thought an obscene media dalliance, unsuitable for a well published, credible theoretical physicist. Jason Lot's pursuits, heretofore well isolated from each other as professional or private, were about to be intimately and accidentally intertwined, making of him a flash point none in academia could have anticipated.


To bring himself back to the real world from his ethereal conjectures on space and time, Jason would arise before dawn to enjoy his shooting hobby during early morning hours. Membership at a private shooting club allowed him to enjoy shooting experiments at a leisurely pace, before classes began on campus. Jason had been waiting weeks for a license covering a lengthened barrel with integrated silencer that he had assembled for his Beretta pistol. The paperwork arrived in Saturday morning mail. Impatient to try the new weapon configuration at his club, Professor Lot grabbed a box of standard 9mm ammunition and hurried off to the range at mid-day. When he arrived, all of the twenty-meter indoor booths were occupied. He trudged outside into the bright sunshine of early June, just in time to claim the last available table at the long-gun range.

Jason immediately donned protective glasses and sound protection cups for his somewhat pointed ears, allowing the rigid plastic connecting band to hang below his chin rather than press down on top of his head to mess up his thick salt and pepper hair. Though useless on this occasion, out of habit he positioned a sound meter next to his sandbag rest on the table. He arranged his ammunition then adjusted his seat to the correct height. He removed his Beretta from the case and lowered it onto the sandbag, then sat down to fill three clips with 9mm ammo while watching other shooters, waiting for the ‘clear’ signal that would allow for a quick walk down range to hang his own targets. The noise of other weapons made it impossible to hear his projectiles strike metal plates, so for this shoot he settled on punching holes in paper targets.

Finally, the ‘clear’ was offered during a lull in shots. Jason stood and straightened his six-one frame, then leaned over to gather his targets and stapler. At the table to the right, a young boy’s careless moment with a hunting rifle accidentally fired a bullet … in the wrong direction. Had Jason not bent over to reach for his equipment, the bullet would have whizzed through only his loosely fitting shirt. Because of the bend at his waist, the supersonic projectile slammed through Professor Lot’s back, passed within centimeters of his heart, and exited through his chest wall.

By all rights the accident should have been an obscure event, considering where and when it happened. Instead, it was the heralding moment in a chain of events that would alter the lives of billions around the globe in an evolutionary transition reaching every human being on Earth.

Professor Lot dropped to his knees clutching his chest with one hand and pulling his ear protection off with the other. He sank backward with his protective glasses dropping forward into his lap and onto the concrete. There was a dull ache in his ribcage but no sharp pain. That surprised him for he knew he’d been hit. Shooters rushed to his aid as growing paralysis swept over his limbs. His vision contracted the field of view down to a cylinder then broadened to an out-of-focus haze. As blindness engulfed him, his mind raced along an unfamiliar pathway. Indistinct sounds were coming into his senses, and he detected a vague sweet floral scent.

As the outer stimuli faded from recognition, one side of his brain took note of activities occurring in another part of his brain, as if his personality was sudden split within his skull.

I’m praying. Praying! … Odd thing for an Atheist to do, he told himself, but I can no longer count myself an Atheist if I’m praying, can I? … It’s the fear that makes me pray. Perhaps my brain is being forced to play this last trick of consciousness to make me swallow the irony. … Yes, that’s it. He’s scared me so badly, I’m praying for survival. NO! I won’t believe in that kind of God. If I’ve only a moment to believe, I won’t hold Him responsible for my foolishness, not after years as my honorable mute adversary. All my life He’s allowed me to dismiss His existence as so much … how was it put … opiate of the masses?… That’s inappropriate. My death is an individual thing. If I’m to pray, my God will be above my pettiness, above my mockery. He won’t stoop to toy with me in my fear.

Jason’s ambiguous thoughts were silenced by blessed unconsciousness. He missed the arrival of the ambulance, missed the degradation of being handled as so much animal mass, stripped of clothing, poked with needles and tubes, jolted with electrical charges, missed the humility of being cut open, repaired, and his heart restarted. But he eventually awoke, awoke to the pain and discomfort, to the tubes and the cold, awoke in the hospital.

* * *

While ambulance personnel worked on Jason at the range, the father of the boy who had pulled the trigger searched out Professor Lot’s wallet from his jacket and immediately located a number to be called in case of emergency. It had not been updated in years, but the man couldn’t know that. Shaking nearly uncontrollably, he punched the numbers into his cellular phone and waited. When a woman answered on the other end, the man recited the facts of the moment, apologizing over and over for the accident. Interrupting his pleas, Jason’s ex-wife assured the distraught man that she was working close by and would come to the hospital immediately.

Noreen arrived at the emergency room before Jason was taken up to surgery. After filling out volumes of paper handed to her by a blank-faced clerk, Noreen hurried to the surgery waiting room. She maintained a vigil during all the long hours the doctors worked on Jason. When he was rolled from surgery, she tried to follow the gurney into the service elevator and up to Intensive Care. The nurse accompanying him checked the tag and told Noreen to which room in ICU he would be taken. Noreen hurried to the public elevators. When she was finally allowed into the ICU room, she remained by his bed through the evening. Her only breaks were trips down the hall to the coffee pot and back, or into the adjacent bathroom. Jason finally began to stir just before midnight, when the nurse came to record his vital signs.

“It looks like he’s coming around. Shouldn’t we—“

The attending nurse interrupted Jason’s ex-wife. “No, we don’t need to call anyone. They often come and go in the hours after lengthy surgery. Give him time. He has passed the first big hurdle. The heart monitor looks good. His body has been through a tremendous shock. Let him rest.”

* * *

Professor Lot came from and returned to the nether world several times, before his running stream of consciousness in familiar spacetime returned. And he began to pray again whenever he was alone … not just in his mind, but also in a low deliberate whisper. With the renewed praying there was no ambiguity. He prayed from his heart, to give thanks, to express gratitude. Unlike prayer at the rifle range, he was speaking to someone … while his soul was away from his body, he had met and could now sense the presence of a loving Listener. Jason Lot was no longer an atheist.

His prayer would evolved quickly, from spontaneous expression of thanksgiving in child-like simplicity, to outpouring of emotion for the gift of continued life, to simple obedient petition, finally transcending in worship to nearly continual conversation with the Almighty, as if addressing both a companion and overseer. In the transcendent state there would be no pleading to change God’s will, only entreaty for strength and patience, to endure in awe the workings of a now more compelling universe. Jason would see far deeper than Professor Lot could have seen, for Jason was now certain of his integral grainship in the sands Professor Lot had sought to comprehend without being a part of it all. The surety that once alive the journey becomes time-transcendent had immersed Jason Lot in the ocean of comprehension from which most are protect while upon the earth.

* * *

Thursday, September 11, 2003

For those who don't believe hugs are are an essential ingredient for life, I offer the following visual with short note:

Friday, September 05, 2003

The Depravity Potential In America

I’m tapping this out on Friday night, September 5, 2003. This past week, a murderer of a paid serial killer was executed in Florida. The man executed was convicted using the law and courts to convict and sentence him (to be truthful, the executed murderer actually killed more than just his intended victim). The man he murdered was never tried or convicted of the serial killings he is absolutely known to have committed. The people who paid for the killings were easily identifiable, but were never questioned regarding their solicitations. Why you may ask? … Because the serial killer was an abortionist hired by women to kill their alive, unborn children. That’s perfectly legal in America, and only women are granted that horrible right. The fathers have no legal say, though they may aid in the solicitation and the payment to the serial killer.

Argument has flown hot and heavy at various Internet sites over whether the murderer of the abortionists should have been executed, whether the abortionists was just as guilty of criminal acts against humanity, whether one murderer is more evil than the other. Lost in the sometimes-heated exchanges is the reality that already accomplished dehumanization of the unborn is preparing our nation for deep and abiding wrong. We are on the verge of embracing cannibalism as an enlightened application of science and technology because of the accomplished dehumanization inherent in the abortion industry.

If our legal system recognized the provable humanity of the alive –absolutely alive, or abortionists wouldn’t be need to kill them-- prenatal, a myriad of coming evil exploitations would be easily refuted and repudiated. [I wonder, is cannibalizing alive human beings wrong at this juncture in American History? … If you can persuade someone that the thing being cannibalized is not a human being, there is no contest. And that’s where there is an astonishing disconnect, as you will shortly see.]

When the debate centers upon the degrees of wrong between an abortionist and a murderer of an abortionist, the humanity of the little ones the abortionist has slaughtered tends to fade into the background and become a non-issue. And there are folks who actually seek to accomplish that because they do not believe the abortionist was doing wrong as long as the law protects his serial killing … they used to ignore the truth regarding the unborn because it was expedient to deny the unborn were alive human beings, until the nation became numb to the reality and the numbers grew to the tens-of-millions exterminated. In fact, there are people who do not believe the unborn are yet human beings ‘in full’ and thus it is acceptable to slaughter them to avoid consequences of earlier behavioral laxity. [Applied logically, killing of crib-bound and toddlers could be defended since they are not yet fertile, or fully grown, or fully aware, or … well, you get the picture, dehumanization always has a preferred utility making the category quite palatable.]

In a previous essay (Human Embryo/Human Being), we addressed the truth that even an embryo not yet implanted in a woman’s body is a human being, albeit shaped and arranged very differently from we who live in the air world. Let’s look at the dichotomy now at play in defending embryonic stem cell harvesting and cloning for body parts, for that is precisely what is looming in our approaching future, if men like Orrin Hatch have their way with the law.

Many who support abortion on demand do so under the mantra of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ (they mean choose the serial killer, not earlier choice to expose herself to pregnancy, but that is the grist of another essay). These people of whom I write actually acknowledge the humanity of the little ones the serial killers slaughter, but these same defenders claim the woman has a right to kill that child before it becomes a burden to the woman’s lifestyle. [If you have trouble believing this, catch a read of a recent Glamour Magazine article in which the female writer encourages teen readers to ‘have as much sex as possible and get plenty of sleep, enjoy this magical time of your life. And if you do get pregnant, there is always abortion and forgiveness.' And there is much more putrid sludge in the article, but I won’t subject you to it here.] These people even have quasi-religious rituals that they will help the abortion seeker perform toward their alive-unborn prior to the killing! They encourage baptizing the soon to be diced being, and/or write Valentines to the little ones slaughtered to free ‘mommy’ from caregiving. Folks, you don’t baptize a non-human. These people condone the killing because of the expedience and they will readily admit the ‘thing’ being killed is a human being, but assert that a woman must have this right to kill a fellow human being.

Since it is becoming acceptable to kill individual human beings during their earliest age of their individual lifetime, it no longer requires deceit to lobby for the full exploitation of embryonic and fetal individuals when the goal is to treat older individuals! That, dear Reader, is the onset of cannibalism by utilitarian design. That is the evil we now sink toward because we have allowed dehumanization of the unborn under the guise of ‘a woman’s right to choose’ a serial killer to terminate an inconvenient fellow human being sequestered in the womb by no fault or design of the innocent one.

As usual, the Europeans are ahead of we naïve Americans. I wonder how long it will take the liberal politicians to bring us up to speed so we can compete with the Euro-techs and Chicom-labs in the field of cannibalizing the preborn? I’m sure people like Daschle, Kennedy, Harkin, Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards, Clinton, Boxer and Dean have plans already in the works, and they’ll have plenty of help from the likes of Orrin Hatch and Arlen Spectre. But is that what we really want to be our final … strike that final, for humankind have depravity potential I cannot even imagine. But is that what We the People really want to be, C-A-N-N-I-B-A-L-S?

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The following is a repost ... If someone reads it, hope you have tissues handy

Smell Of Rain: The story of Danae comforted on God's chest

A cold March wind danced around the dead of night in Dallas, Texas as the Doctor walked into the small hospital room of Diana Blessing. Still groggy from surgery, her husband David held her hand as they braced themselves for the latest news. That afternoon of March 10, 1991, complications had forced Diana, only 24-weeks pregnant, to undergo an emergency cesarean to deliver the couple's new daughter, Danae Lu Blessing.

At 12 inches long and weighing only one pound and nine ounces, they already knew she was perilously premature. Still, the doctor's soft words dropped like bombs. 'I don't think she's going to make it', he said, as kindly as he could. "There's only a 10-percent chance she will live through the night, and even then, if by some slim chance she does make it, her future could be a very cruel one".

Numb with disbelief, David and Diana listened as the doctor described the devastating problems Danae would likely face if she survived. She would never walk, she would never talk, she would probably be blind, and she would certainly be prone to other catastrophic conditions from cerebral palsy to complete mental retardation, and on and on.

"No! No!" was all Diana could say. She and David, with their 5-year-old son Dustin, had long dreamed of the day they would have a daughter to become a family of four. Now, within a matter of hours, that dream was slipping away.

Through the dark hours of morning as Danae held onto life by the thinnest thread, Diana slipped in and out of sleep, growing more and more determined that their tiny daughter would live-and live to be a healthy, happy young girl. But David, fully awake and listening to additional dire details of their daughter's chances of ever leaving the hospital alive, much less healthy, knew he must confront his wife with the inevitable.

David walked in and said that we needed to talk about making funeral arrangements. Diana remembers 'I felt so bad for him because he was doing everything, trying to include me in what was going on, but I just wouldn't listen, I couldn't listen.' I said, "No, that is not going to happen, no way! I don't care what the doctors say; Danae is not going to die! One day she will be just fine, and she will be coming home with us!" As if willed to live by Diana's determination, Danae clung to life hour after hour, with the help of every medical machine and marvel her miniature body could endure.

But as those first days passed, a new agony set in for David and Diana. Because Danae's underdeveloped nervous system was essentially 'raw,' the lightest kiss or caress only intensified her discomfort, so they couldn't even cradle their tiny baby girl against their chests to offer the strength of their love. All they could do, as Danae struggled alone beneath the ultraviolet light in the tangle of tubes and wires, was to pray that God would stay close to their precious little girl. There was never a moment when Danae suddenly grew stronger. But as the weeks went by, she did slowly gain an ounce of weight here and an ounce of strength there.

At last, when Danae turned two months old, her parents were able to hold her in their arms for the very first time. And two months later, though doctors continued to gently but grimly warn that her chances of surviving, much less living any kind of normal life, were next to zero, Danae went home from the hospital--just as her mother had predicted.

Today, five years later, Danae is a petite but feisty young girl with glittering gray eyes and an unquenchable zest for life. She shows no signs, what so ever, of any mental or physical impairment. Simply, she is everything a little girl can be and more-but that happy ending is far from the end of her story.

One blistering afternoon in the summer of 1996 near her home in Irving, Texas, Danae was sitting in her mother's lap in the bleachers of a local ballpark where her brother Dustin's baseball team was practicing.

As always, Danae was chattering nonstop with her mother and several other adults sitting nearby when she suddenly fell silent. Hugging her arms across her chest, Danae asked, "Do you smell that?"

Smelling the air and detecting the approach of a thunderstorm, Diana replied, "Yes, it smells like rain."

Danae closed her eyes and again asked, "Do you smell that?"

Once again, her mother replied, "Yes, I think we're about to get wet, it smells like rain.

Still caught in the moment, Danae shook her head, patted her thin shoulders with her small hands and loudly announced, "No, it smells like Him. It smells like God when you lay your head on His chest."

Tears blurred Diana's eyes as Danae then happily hopped down to play with the other children. Before the rains came, her daughter's words confirmed what Diana and all the members of the extended Blessing family had known, at least in their hearts, all along. During those long days and nights of her first two months of her life outside her Mother's womb, when her nerves were too sensitive for them to touch her, God was holding Danae on His chest and it is His loving scent that she remembers so well.

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